Tricklebrook Fishery Rules

All nets and mats to be dipped

No carp sacks or keep nets

Unhooking mats to be used at all times

Barbless hooks only

No leadcores

No fixed leads

No bait boats

No nuts and non-prepared particles

Fishing in set swims only (not on dam)

No overnight stays for non-fisherman

No vehicles to be driven to swims or around lakes

BBQs to be raised off ground at all times

Alcohol to be used sensibly and by over 18s

Rubbish to be cleared and removed including cigarette butts and tea bags

5MPH speed limit is enforced

Environmental rod license to be carried with you at all times

No dogs allowed

If these rules are not adhered to, you will be asked to leave and not return.


Tricklebrook Fishery
Colts Hill
Five Oak Green
TN12 6SH

Telephone / Mobile

01892835453 / 07743955812


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